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Myself in the Way

by Turnover

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  • Limited Edition LP - Red with Black Smoke Vinyl
    Record/Vinyl + Digital Album

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    Includes unlimited streaming of Myself in the Way via the free Bandcamp app, plus high-quality download in MP3, FLAC and more.

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All this time Feeling like the guilty one In the past My reflection Can't recognize And is youth Always so delusional Hard to dream When you don't get to sleep at all It could be a long time Of staring into the walls And nights unblinking at the sky All the tears I must have inside my head I don't know How to make them fall from my eyes I can see Futures full of happiness But they seem Out of focus and far away
I can't put myself in the way of our love again This must be the place The feeling is just right How'd let it take Until now to realize All the pieces of This puzzle of dreams I'm having start to look More like you every time? I think that I can do this Forever girl if you will I can't put myself in the way of love again I can't put myself in the way of our love again I promise I’m gonna go all the way with you And most of the time I imagine the future I pictured myself The same place as you were Yeah I’d miss the songs My friends and our wandering Ain't hard to decide The life I belong in I won't let the days slip by on me this time Once too shy to see things right Nobody else can take me there I open up to let you in
It's hard enough just to get along Without thinking much about anyone else Today my friend asked for a favor And I told them that I was too busy to help But I found myself later on a while Feeling if I didn't know better'd say bored I might not be able to fall asleep But I feel too tired to move from the floor Sometimes I don't think I like having these bright ideas When I can't explain them any better It's not like you thought This doesn't feel the same I find myself hoping I didn't wait too long I wish that I could take you along But you need somebody to paint all your dreams Cause I know that you want to like it But you want me to tell you about what it means And if we're gonna be together We need to spend a little more time Looking at each other's faces When I forgot to slow down I was busy trying not to fall And I forgot you need me sometimes Do those faces mean that I’m not making sense? I liked it better living in ignorance Was I going through the motions When I turned around and lost you?
Everyone's gonna be out at Basement Friday I could hop on the red eye tonight from Oakland It's a long way to get there from California I don't know maybe I’ll make it to the next one When we've got to leave Where we gonna go? Where there's water in the air And people that we know? Maybe in the end This all ends up a dream Always good to feel Like you're really being seen Don't know where we'll be when it ends If you're there with me It might as well be in heaven Come in the spring It's so nice I'll show you a place I found Trying to get the time off Nobody comes around
I can't shake this feeling no matter how i try Watching stars all disappear From above you even nights the sky is clear The warmth of tears behind your eyes From the long and sad goodbye Having only memories left from the time When they were bright High above the ground I’m floating Nothing feels the same Now it's all grape vines Air that's too dry Moving as fast as when I was Spending my time running From the law man Living in the memories even now After all my wondering Why's the sunrise or a blue jay when it sings A song that brings a feeling back Make you wanna hold it close So it can't change When the truth is that you know It's impossible Now my weary eyes Won’t stop glancing at the door I can hear the sirens outside
Ain't love heavy When you're holding it by yourself The reflection of your face In the window hasn't changed Since we argued over things That we don't even care about When I taste it now I like it for something else Than I used to When I cared Maybe too much about myself And I used things That I liked Until they didn't thrill me anymore
Still it always kills me when you go The way you leave me wanting more Time moves too fast Oh make it last when You're wrapped around me With your warm embrace How can I control myself Don't rush it no We'll miss it tomorrow You can keep me up all night You make it so hard To say no The way you're moving Let it all into your mind Watery eyes don't you know I’m looking at you It feels like there's nothing else when I’m with you I just want to stay inside Shaking the floor Pleasures galore Almost like electric current down my spine The way you do the things you do Magnetic field pull me in and i am healed I don't mind Working all the time As long as I’m doing it for you
Fantasy 04:00
What's your fantasy I'd really like to know What you're thinking about When your smile starts to show Do you want to feel Like you're the only one? Don't you know that I Can give you what you want? Just tell me Dontcha? Now tell me Dontcha? What's your fantasy? My heart or just some fun Someone to hold your hand Someone who means enough To bring tears to your eyes Or comfort to your pain Don't you know that I Can make you feel that way? To be honest girl I'm not dying to wait for someone else No only you can ride shotgun When it's along ride And up until now I know that I’ve been lying to myself And I know you're waiting for someone To make you fall in love
Now it's coming right back That's how it goes Around in circles You wanna be done for the night Because it's getting late And you're sick of the smoke You don't understand why I keep on playing this game Love is a sea I told you before I don't want to fall into it Too deep with someone Me's all I know Been on my own all this time I've been here before With somebody else Asking me to throw All of my cards on the table How can I walk away from it now With an ace in the hole So that's another one gone And it's still going in a circle I wanna be done for the night Cause I’m getting tired But I feel so close to once in a lifetime Just got to wait for the turn I feel a queen in the river
I spent so much time dreaming I almost forgot what it was like Outside my head I missed a call today That I meant to return But it's so easy to forget Now it's been so long What's happening Learning what it means to know yourself Too much time alone is maddening Different just enough that you can tell I spent too much No hesitation Took off without letting anyone know i was going After midnight at home Missed our anniversary I don't feel good When I 'm thinking too much about myself Slept in again until it felt too late to do a single thing I said I would Lately I found it hard to care about the things That used to make me feel so good Everybody thinks that what we mean When we say that we're bored Is bored of God I couldn't help but laugh When I started to spin off of the road On highway 1 I ever tell you how I love waking up When you come to bed at like 5 in the morning And want to burn it down Still got loving in your eyes I been thinking about 2015 Falling in love on that night in Orlando Or when you got the l And I found out you love to dance


In early 2020, Turnover were touring Europe fresh off a US tour for their new album, Altogether.
As the pandemic caused borders to begin closing in around them, the band cut the tour short and got one of the last flights home - not knowing stages around the world would be dark for almost two years.

Since 2012, the band has been touring full time, averaging 200 shows each year. In their time away from the road, the band had the opportunity to explore and deepen aspects of their lives that they hadn’t been able to in the past. “I tried to be as positive as possible about the change in my life. Instead of thinking about the things covid was taking from me I wanted to focus on what it could give me,” says singer Austin Getz.

The title track of the band’s new album, Myself in the Way, speaks to this mindset. “I can’t put myself in the way of love again,” sings Getz, “I promise I’m going to go all the way with you,” is specifically about Getz getting engaged to his longtime partner, but applies to the general outlook he had toward life in lockdown. “I was living in Sebastopol, California at the time and felt like I truly lived there for the first time since I wasn’t leaving for tour. I was able to go meditate at the Zen Buddhist dojo down the road, run and bike around the hills in Sonoma county, learn about plants and gardening, take some Spanish and arboriculture classes, and get involved with the volunteer fire department. Just do a bunch of new things to challenge and inspire me in a natural way.”

Turnover’s other members also used the time to deepen interests they hadn’t been able to fully explore before covid. Bass player Dan Dempsey was in New York City and responded to lockdown by spending more time practicing his visual art in drawing and painting. He painted the album’s cover during this period and developed a style that has become a central theme for the band in its current iteration. Drummer Casey Getz found work at a Virginia Beach state park as touring continued to be postponed. He was in search of and inspired by having a work-life balance different than he’d experienced since he was younger. Through this, he was able to nurture current relationships more and find new ones, something touring made much more difficult. This led to Casey playing drums with a group of longtime friends in Virginia Beach and further developing his drumming style - adding a new prowess for fluidity and improvisation through lengthy jam sessions with the group. Guitarist Nick Rayfield was focused on sharpening his guitar and piano playing and was able to devote energy to skateboarding and his retail business more than he had been able to for the last few years. This was also the band’s first album with Rayfield making songwriting contributions after touring with them for years as a live member, adding a new creative element to the songs.

Over 18 months Turnover weaved these individual experiences into a collective work, recording the LP over two sessions with longtime collaborator Will Yip at Studio 4. Austin is credited, for the first time, as co-producer.

“I had specific ideas for sound design on this album. I knew a lot of sounds I wanted to hear and use. We wanted everything to be able to be heard and have its own place. I was inspired by the way Magical Mystery Tour and Dark Side of the Moon sounded. We decided to go a lot wider with it and utilize panning and stereo more than we had in the past, while also wanting it to sound tighter and smaller than some of our earlier records. We were inspired by drum and bass sounds from Chic and Quincy Jones records from the 70s, so we put the drums in the control room to get them to sound smaller. We used an active pickup bass and a jazz bass to get that percussive sound from the bass so the low end wasn’t as rumbling and subby. We let the synths share some of that low end that the drums and bass gave up. Quincy's approach to arrangements were a huge inspiration in this record as well. The horn and string lines I wanted to sound like classic era disco, mixed with modern synth and vocal sounds. I had been experimenting with my own vocal styles a lot and utilized autotune and vocoder on this album almost as instruments on certain songs as a stylistic choice.”

The band has always been DIY, but post pandemic they have taken that to a different level. They appreciate more than ever how lucky they are to get to be together and have fun creating things with their friends. They have found that they are usually best suited for executing their own vision, not only musically, but with all its accompaniments as well. For this album they made all their own videos in collaboration with friends and using Dempsey's drawings and paintings.

Change is authentic and true to Turnover as a band and as individuals. Chart a course through their discography and find a band continually reinventing themselves with a unique artistic ambition. Myself In The Way arrives finding Turnover doing the same within their own persons, pushing the band into new and exciting parallel depths of expression.


released November 4, 2022


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