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Humblest Pleasures b​/​w Change Irreversible

by Turnover



released March 4, 2016


all rights reserved


Track Name: Humblest Pleasures
tiger lily or a rose, you still have your place in the garden. appreciate the bluer notes. why is the simplest thing the hardest? what a thing it is to grow. flower i tried so hard to open my mind. no, i never meant to color you in, jet black, with a ballpoint pen. the brilliance hurt my eyes. i told you that I’m colorblind. you’re blurry like the feeling in the ending of the summer. I’m living in a memory, imagining another. early in the afternoon, the humblest of pleasures, feeling the inside of you. i know that i’ll forget it. it’s disheartening that after everything evaporates, a lot of pain, and all the words i sing, and the perceptive things that i explain, i haven’t changed.
Track Name: Change Irreversible
i don’t care much for the springtime. twenty odd plates on the same side. i don’t know, i’d say the same about the fall. it’s just been such a long night. i was anxious until the first light. I’ve been finding i spend most of them like this. usually it’s all fuzz keeping me awake at night. there’s nothing that’ll help what trouble I’ve been thinking of. once you take the first step it’s irreversibly changing. i don’t think I’m being selfish. how would you like me to live? disappointment waiting for me like a hunger in the morning. draw a straight line i can follow easily. there’s a grey lens over my eyes. the perception wasn’t quite right. if you’re in the dark enough your eyes adjust. my fingers tracing, soft, on the curtain. I’m sick and nervous. dive in the pavement. i don’t care much for the springtime. theres a grey lens over my eyes. there’s a hunger waiting for me. disappointment in the morning.

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