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Good Nature

by Turnover

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Rob Carpenter
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Rob Carpenter One of my favorite albums of all time. Turnover really hit a sound here that resonates with me deeply, and I often find myself coming back to this record and falling in love with it all over again. The drums and bass are greatly underrated on this album, creating their own unique melodies that fit within the song and create something new rather than just follow the guitars. Nothing beats the somehow joyful and somber sound of this record. Favorite track: Sunshine Type.
jeanpi23 thumbnail
jeanpi23 This is a really solid album. Another high quality release by Turnover. Favorite track: Curiosity.
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twrex1476 Masterpiece 👌 Favorite track: All That It Ever Was.
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on the last weekend before the fall, down at the beach carnival, spinning slowly with the carousel. your gold hoop earrings go so well with the little yellow lights, shining on a foggy day, painting you a pretty shade like you were a girl in a watercolor. i could try but i can't explain how i do, i just know it's something supernatural and i'm feeling super natural. i don't know how but i can say that i found my religion when nothing was ahead of us that week in california. hold on, won't the water be too cold? out of your mind and you're still so photogenic. i like the lighting on you right at sundown. we've done too much to ever go back to the way it was. maybe i imagined it being so good. man, it seems like everything i remember doing we were in a cloud and i can't tell if it was in my head or in san francisco.
i know that the rain falls hard when it falls and i know you're more of the relaxing in the sunshine type of person. it hurts when you gotta be at home and stay inside. scream and shout, throw your hands up until you go blue in the face. you can try all you want you still won't make things change. you could like the afternoon or night time and i'll like the morning. i was thinking you could love a song that i hate, i'd still play it for you. if you know that it's a game, you make the rules and you can play and you can laugh when you're behind. you want to run away to somewhere warm. i know it's cold but if you wait you'll enjoy it more. it's not as serious as you might think. you're probably looking away while you scream and shout, throw your hands up until you go blue in the face. you can try all you want you still won't make things change. after you know it's all a game then when it storms play in the rain
julia, i tried, tried to make it right. julia, i'm leaving tomorrow. lay with me tonight like i remember. yesterday september rain was keeping me awake while you were asleep. i wondered what was in your dreams and what got in the way. julia, i tried, tried to keep you warm. watched you fall into a depression that we'd seen before but don't remember. i had a feeling this was wrong but i had to see it for myself. it's always new ideas. they aren't always the right ones. i don't know what's good enough but i know i need to change my mind. maybe all you needed was a little more of my attention.
there is no woman. there is no drug. there's no amount of money or fun, no conversation that i could have, no entertainment that could distract me from the voice that's always in my ear, that's always telling me it doesn't matter. everywhere i go it's all i hear and it can hurt my head but it can sound so sweet. wondering if i'm awake. maybe i'm dreaming. well how could i tell anyway? trying to find my lucidity but, man, i know i can't believe my eyes. how can i tell you're in front of me and not a shadow made up in my mind? i think i need it. i know i don't. i want to drink and i want to smoke. i want to kiss and take off her dress. if it's not one thing then it's the next thing that i'm using to get through the day, that keeps me staring in the wrong direction, and if i only ever look one way then i could miss some things i might have liked to see. i built them up and they all fell down, one at a time until they laid on the floor. i know it eventually runs out and when it's gone i'll be looking for more. i built these walls up around myself. they're not as safe as i thought that they were. i built them up and they all fell down. it was the prettiest sound that i ever heard.
Curiosity 03:38
they love to tell you what to say, how to make up your mind or how to spend your time. but they only know what they have seen and i don't have those eyes. that isn't my reality. we all have a little curiosity. we're so wide eyed. it gets hard to look at things from different perspectives. what you think is backwards could be inside out. do you see now? it's easy to fall into a line, part of a big machine, like they want you to be. is it really so far out to say that they would tell you lies trying to make you be the same? my heart, it hurts to know that you're automatic. all the thoughts are programmed into your mind. you just need a new idea. ill ask if you ever wonder what it's like to open your eyes.
for now you love me while my face is young and body strong, but one tomorrow they won't be. when that tomorrow comes do you think that you'll love me even when the loving hurts? you're captivated by a beauty that i didn't earn. ive been trying to believe it. man, i mean it when i say that it is only worth it if it's real enough to trust. i know that it is only worth it if it's pure devotion and i would never ask for you to stay, won't expect you to come with me. if you wanted to go a different way then i'd give you whatever you need. tell me anything, just not a lie. i won't try to control this. i mean it when i tell you it's not worth it unless it's pure devotion. for now you love me but i don't know how you say you're sure. you understand that it's forever that you're asking for? ive done enough to know when i should learn from old mistakes and felt enough to know how quickly what i feel can fade.
tangled up with you in the night. finding new reasons every time. i know you don't see them in the mirror. don't you know i'm not using my eyes when it's this late? we've got the lights down anyway because you're a nightlight girl and you just glow. nobody's outside for all that we know. what's inside your imagination? it's as real as anything else. ill show you what it's like to be loved if you can't do it for yourself. tangled up with you in the dark. i love when you're loving who you are. your bones have curves, your skin's got lines and that's the way that you were designed. you can do it by yourself. you don't need anybody's help. so push away, just push away all the things you ever heard or ever saw or they told you. it's harder to do than just say that you know that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. i want to watch you while you glow in the dark, want you to realize you can glow if you want to. you've got to love yourself for all that you are. want you to know that baby you are my nightlight girl.
Breeze 03:22
i know you think that i'm responsible. i know you heard from other people i was doing things and i know you believe everything you're told. i know it's not your fault but it's a shame still all the same. everything that's coming outyour mouth i can't take. i cant stop it running through my head. it's just makes me want to go away, drop out of everything i do and let you keep eating my heart out with your silver spoon. i knew you'd do it like this all along. i thought that i was sure i knew the game that we were playing because i've been doing this since i was young, but i don't think that we were ever playing in the same way. everyone's waiting. they all want to see a show. everyone's talking about it but they don't know.
take what you've got, give it away. nothing belonged to you in the first place. if they're all us and we're all them, then it's like trading between your own hands. i thought i had it figured out. one day it all went missing. i spent the night stuck wide awake, my thoughts all so dissonant. started thinking maybe i was living wrong. i took my head off for the night, didn't want to believe it. i started spending more time being mindful of my breathing, sleeping on the floor feeling so withdrawn. since i was young i have been told how i should measure success. work hard and you can have a life of luxury and excess. i was walking blind when i tripped and fell. maybe it doesn't matter if i give you or you give me. i'm wondering if those are both different parts of one thing. really now it's all that it ever was. you and me thinking it's us and them. can you see that all the difference is pretend? you always get higher with someone else than if you try to climb up all by yourself.
Living Small 03:29
sitting up there so high you'll never get to look at something like you would from the bottom. it's lonely staring down at everyone. where am i gonna go when there's nowhere left to climb? i could just take a little bit less. i could just take it slow and be here now for a moment. i know i've been away for awhile. i know i've been forgetting what it's like when i let it. i'm trying hard to treat it like a wave or when i feel it be like wind in a tunnel, like i'm watching a candle while it dims. since i remember it's been burning like dead leaves in my head. if you don't want to be here now, no ones making you wait and you're the only one who could know all it is because you made it.
you know i can over analyze things when i don't need to and you always remind me that it doesn't have to be like this, but it's a lot to take when every day there's new distractions. it doesn't have to feel like this. you know i'm tired of saying what i think i need to say and even though you aren't always sweet, you are all that's sweet at all to me. i got a little bit tired of spending all morning really wishing that i was still sleeping but you and me being each other feels like it's all i ever needed. now all i can hear is rhythm and melody in my ears. it sounds like it feels. all the time now i'm balancing perfectly in between awake and a dream. subtly moving around my eyes. the electricity traveling up my spine. now there's a heat in my chest and ringing in my ears. i cant explain this new sensation. it kind of feels like falling but what's underneath me's soft as velvet and i'm fading into the expanding of my chest, moving with the rhythm of my breath.


Front man Austin Getz doesn't blink when asked to sum up Turnover's third full-length, Good Nature. "Learning," he replies. "This whole record is about learning. Opening your eyes to new things, going outside of your comfort zone, and learning to grow into something new."

Turnover's previous full-length, 2015's Peripheral Vision, won acclaim for showcasing a dreamier side of the band's melodically-charged sound; Billboard noted that "the quartet has morphed into a moody, atmospheric indie rock band, without losing its knack for hooks." As easy as it might have been to replicate that success for its third album, the band resisted the urge to play it safe.

"It can be hard to be honest with yourself sometimes when it comes to creativity," Austin admits. Excited by the opportunities for personal and creative growth the band experienced in the wake of Peripheral Vision, they worked hard to strike a balance for its follow-up, "writing good songs but pushing boundaries, without getting strange just for the sake of being strange."

As the range of textures, tempos, and dynamics on Good Nature hints, the members of Turnover have been listening to a wider range of musical styles over the past couple years. Vintage Southern soul and blues, Bossa nova and cool jazz, electronic music, and psychedelic grooves all filtered into the mix.

"The new record definitely has a different rhythmic feel because of that," he observes. "The melodies we wrote for this record are very different, much less linear. They're much more soulful and move around a lot."

Listening to how the leisurely "Nightlight Girl" melts into a more propulsive selection like "Breeze," and the way Good Nature flows together as a seamless whole, it's also evident that the foursome has been paying closer attention to how artists from earlier eras made full-length albums. "The Beach Boys' Pet Sounds has become one of my top five favorites of all time," says Austin, citing not only the quality of the individual selections, but also the careful sequencing and use of space in the arrangements.

"I read a huge article on Frank Ocean toward the end of writing Good Nature, talking about taking his time on his records and being patient with the process, and that really inspired me, too."

At the same time Austin and his cohorts were opening up their ears, they were opening up their understanding of themselves too: "A big chunk of the record is learning to be happy." Not full-throttle exuberance, but something much more subtle and satisfying. The almost beatific radiance that imbues Good Nature comes from a place of calm and contentment, nurtured by looking inward.

"Peripheral Vision was mostly a record about feeling emptiness and not knowing what to do. This one is about the steps I took after feeling those things, and where those steps took me, and learning to try to love the emptiness."

The album's unique blend of musical and spiritual growth is immediately audible on the opening track, "Super Natural," a late-summer idyll of intertwined guitar parts and laidback vocals. "More than anything else, love has the ability to teach people selflessness," says Austin. "That song is specifically about just one type of love, romantic love, and how it became almost meditative for me. It made me feel so relaxed, but at the same time I could feel it was something so big … it's 'super natural' and it's 'supernatural.'"

From the flora and fauna that adorn its cover, to song titles like "Butterfly Dream" and "Sunshine Type," the natural world also plays a pivotal role in Turnover's latest. "Nature is a huge theme, because nature has been the teacher in my life when it comes to many things."

To record Good Nature, Turnover reunited with longtime producer Will Yip. Together, they spent more time in the studio than on any previous Turnover record, devoting hours of pre-production to methodically going through the new songs, fine-tuning parts and writing additional melodies. The bulk of the lyrics, however, were finalized during the band's 2016 European tour. "That was a beautiful atmosphere to be doing it in – and the most intense experience I've ever had as a writer."

Turnover formed in 2009 in Virginia Beach, VA and has gone on to tour extensively throughout North America, Europe, Australia, and Japan. Their discography includes three full-length albums and countless EPs and split-singles, including last year's Humblest Pleasures EP. "It's really cool to see all the change, from the first songs we ever wrote, right up to Good Nature," concludes Austin. Eight years into their career, Turnover sound better than ever. Slip on your headphones, open up your ears, and learn for yourself what the excitement is all about.


released August 25, 2017


all rights reserved


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